Digital Accountants For Care Homes

Digital Accountants For Care Homes

Appleby Mall Chartered Accountants have been working with care homes for several years.  We support care homes with the latest technologies to ensure that the service we provide is current and the best on offer.

As the world has become digital, Appleby Mall has utilised the latest tools to ensure that our care home clients become more efficient and profitable in their businesses.  Here’s a short list of what Appleby Mall are currently doing to stay ahead of the game.  A lot of these can also be customised and used by Care Home businesses to increase their revenue and hence business profits.

Appleby Mall:

  • are using online videos and relevant images to both educate visitors on our products and services, and encourage engagement.
  • are using social media pages to encourage likes, follows and further engagement with our brand.
  • are encouraging visitors to opt-in to our database to learn more about our services.
  • have an active blog educating visitors on how best to improve their businesses.
  • have email campaigns running in the background to further educate our care home client businesses.
  • are using the latest IT servers and technology to encourage fast response times.

If you would like your care home business to use the latest in digital technology to enhance your services, please do get in touch and we can guide you.  If you need an accountant to assist you, please call us on 01902 42 2020.  We love the care homes that we work with and they love us back!

Appleby Mall is a very people orientated business.  As we grow as a business it can become difficult to retain the ‘personal’ touch.  As a firm, we want to maintain regular contact with both clients and prospects without too much of a drain on personal time.  Our digital Marketing Plan has allowed us to do this at minimal cost.  We have put in place systems that enable regular contact with all clients and visitors.  We are using video to answer questions and are releasing articles and reports to enhance our product offering to customers.

Coupled with this is our investment in Xero, a cloud based accounting system which not only reduces the reliance on paperwork but also reduces admin for ourselves and our clients hence saving the environment, time and money!  Through Xero, our clients have become much more efficient in providing us with the information that we need to complete their accounts and other regulatory documentation.  This has been a win-win.

Our digital assets – website, videos and social media pages are giving customers content rich information that they can use in their business right away.  This has resulted in more informed decisions resulting in increased profitability.  Our backend marketing systems give personalised timely advice to our care home clients as and when needed.

We will continue to enhance our brand making best use of technology, help our care home customers 24/7 in innovative ways not before used in our industry and do our bit for the environment at the same time.

If you own or manage a care home, please contact Appleby Mall Care Home Accountants.  We have a professional team on standby that would love to speak to you.  You can call us on 01902 42 2020 or complete our care home accountants website contact form here.

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